Liam McCrory is a graphic artist from Melbourne, Australia now living in London.  For serval years Liam have spent the summer with Alpcycles working as a cycle guide in the Savoie region in the Northern French Alps. This has provided much inspiration for a lot of the art work you have been viewing. 

Before cycling could be described in numbers, a long ride was more about you, on your bike, enjoying the basics and taking in what's around you.  That's what the posters are about; more of the journey and less of the numbers.  I've been lucky enough to do this in the French Alps hence the theme on most.  Everyone has their own experience, hope these can spark some memories.   

Initially Liam produced a one off poster for his partner Deborah.  However, family and friends persuaded Liam to produce art for all to enjoy. Liam is a bit of a perfectionist, so no surprises, each piece of art you have viewed has been created over time, three years on and off in between visits back to the French Alps.

Also you may have guessed…..Liam likes riding bikes.